15th May 2019 Taurus Horoscope

Her work is more far-reaching than expected. There are a number of new career opportunities available to you. Take the time to examine them carefully. Use your instincts to accomplish a project that you value positively and that you want to develop further, and that will help you make lasting progress.

The biggest problem with power struggles is not that you have the chance to lose track. The biggest problem is that as you struggle for control, you lose focus on the more important things around you. Personal relationships should be your top priority, and that can mean giving up the big ego struggles to ensure harmony and security. There is no point in having everything under control when you are alone at the top.

Your partner gives you tremendous confidence, enjoys this unexpected affection, and does not hold back when asked to respond positively! With such a loving attention from your lover, you should certainly be able to regain your courage and put all your heart into your love, so that you and your partner can bring the sky under the sheets tonight and have a sweet pillow conversation

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