15th May 2019 Cancer Horoscope

Do not pass the time without having the sporting abilities that you know are fully exploited. What you most appreciate is that you do not have to make a big effort. It is your all-round well-being that boosts your fitness. Take a wellness day into your weekly routine, take care of your body.

It’s time to show someone how much you feel about his or her presence in your life. Give an extravagant gift, but remember that there is more than one way to be extravagant, and not all involve high price tags or melted credit cards! At the moment your time is more valuable than money. Make time for your gift. Plan a day for both of you and put together an organized yet flexible schedule. Do everything about this particular person. Play things by ear.

Today is the ideal day for romantic hours with your partner. You should finally make up for the commitments you have long had on your joint to-do list. You may even surprise your partner after work with a candlelight dinner and romantic music. However, it will be beneficial to your relationship and you will benefit from it for some time.

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