15th May 2019 Aquarius Horoscope

They have to face an inner test of strength, which is constantly being put under pressure by the problems of others. They could even hurt your feelings or turn you on. Constructively tackle this difficult situation by seeing it as an opportunity to strengthen your own position and emerge from the conflict with greater self-confidence.

If you start to feel a lot of friction with someone today, take a short break and ask yourself if it is not actually a well-camouflaged heat that you feel. Flirtation takes many forms, and even if your heart is already taken, there is nothing wrong with participating (once in a while) with someone who is not your only one. As long as the signals are clear and nobody gives the wrong impression, good, clean (and harmless) fun can be offered.

In your relationship you feel more and more that it gets boring. Basically you both go your own way and meet at most just before going to bed for a little chat, which does not diminish the feeling of loneliness. The only thing that helps is: talk, talk, talk! Get rid of old problems as you go, start over and discover long-forgotten attractions that once brought your partner and you together.

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