14th May 2019 Libra Horoscope

You can take responsibility for not always feeling good. It’s no big deal if you can not compete with others and have less stamina than you expect. It is better to listen to your body’s signals and take a short break than to make an effort and run the risk of fatigue.

Regardless of what you expect, you do not always have to be with other people. Does your inner social butterfly have to settle on a pretty perch and rest for a while? If so, take a break from the turmoil of the social scene and enjoy a quiet time for yourself. Do something that you enjoy just to do it. Things get even more hectic in your daily life, and you may want to save all the quiet energy you can.

In your relationship you are everywhere and nowhere. There have not been any real key points for a long time and your partner is more fascinated by the sky than you. So be honest with yourself and be open minded about what went wrong and where you both ran out of steam! Try to address the problems at the root and solve them together with your partner.

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