14th May 2019 Leo Horoscope

It is important to keep a cool head. Problems that you encounter do not seem to solve them. Do not ignore the possibility of a completely new approach. Take the advice and help of your colleagues or those who have experience with your situation. It is expected that you are more flexible than normal.

If you focus too much on celebrities and gossip, you will be distracted from what really needs to be done today. This is a busy time for you and it will only get busier during the day. And is all the talk about a TV star with a pop star really a rapprochement with the people in your life? Go deeper into your conversation and talk about the things that really concern you.

You are quite quick-tempered when you feel exploited or provoked by your partner. This will sooner or later lead to a powerful fight. Fortunately, there are ways and means to avoid unnecessary altercation: skip your favorite sport or suggest an evening where you both go their separate ways. The luck to see you again at the end of the evening will certainly help to balance some of your tensions.

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