14th May 2019 Capricorn Horoscope

They are energetic and enjoy the greatest health. Spontaneous walks or jogging in the park will make you feel extremely fit and satisfied. Your physical condition improves with this more balanced lifestyle, and others notice your impressive, conspicuous physique and the confidence you have.

While things in your private life are pretty rosy at the moment, not everything in your business or professional life will be so enjoyable. This will definitely not be an easy day in terms of negotiation or power games. If possible, re-schedule the big meeting, or at least take a few rehearsals and plan things in detail. The better you are prepared, the better. The good news is that you have strong supporters who want to see your success.

It could not be better in your relationship. They are both affectionate and respectful of each other. They enlighten your everyday life with little surprises for each other. In this way, you are currently building a solid foundation for your relationship that can be further strengthened in the future. Always remember that your partner appreciates small compliments as much as you.

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