12 Zodiacs | Daily Horoscope | 22nd May 2019 Zodiac Signs

Why do not you finally admit that you are a hopeless romantic? What keeps you from spontaneously taking a taxi to Paris? And if you can not afford it, why not take a night stroll through the beautiful, fragrant forest. No matter what you do, take your partner and kindle the spring of your relationship.

They are in an almost impossible situation and face seemingly unsolvable problems. Stay calm and plan your approach carefully. Do not try to avoid problems. Instead, ask yourself difficult tasks. Soon you will find that certain problems are not as big as you thought.

In your relationship you feel more and more that it gets boring. Basically you both go your own way and meet at most just before going to bed for a little chat, which does not diminish the feeling of loneliness. The only thing that helps is: talk, talk, talk! Get rid of old problems as you go, start over and discover long-forgotten attractions that once brought your partner and you together.

Your changing moods and unhappiness with yourself becomes a burden on your relationship. Share your feelings with your partner. Only then can he understand you and have the opportunity to deal positively with your moods. It would be ideal if both of you could find a solution to how best to weather this awkward time – perhaps go somewhere to distract yourself from everything? Maybe a joint movement to release steam?

There are also changes in your relationship – the roles in your relationship could change, or an outside force could be the cause of some turbulence. Since you do not currently have an inner balance, you should make sure that you do not overreact to surprises in your life. You should focus on what you have and what you want and then approach everything with inner serenity.

They are in an excellent mood, feel in no way restricted and would like to use this day excitedly. Your sweetheart should feel the same way. Try it. But maybe your partner just wants you to listen to them and hug them tightly. Or maybe your partner needs more caresses or a more comfortable time together? Watch your darling and his reactions and use your positive energy.

Today you should treat yourself and your partner to something very special. Go out! Spend the evening in a romantic restaurant or treat yourself to a romantic movie at home. Remember that your relationship can not afford to be together without those rare, loving hours. The shorter the time together, the more intense your feelings can be.

Things have changed a long time and not everything has stayed the same. Especially in relation to your love life your partner and you do not connect as well as you do. However, this is not a necessary development. Today is the ideal day to solve long overdue problems and make a fresh start. Be brave and talk about your common wishes and ideas! You will see that the connection of your hearts is closer than you thought.

It seems that the teamwork you are involved with is uncomplicated and productive. They rarely have difficulties with colleagues, continually expanding their relationships and providing support when needed or on request. When less favorable times occur, you can better rely on the goodwill of others.

Their relationship is about to change. It’s time to finally dispel lasting misunderstandings and let go of old disputes. It is likely that the excitement builds up in your relationship and you will spend a very pleasant time together instead. There is a chance someone else might invade your life and turn it upside down.

Teamwork is the way forward, your self-confidence and optimism motivates others. The interaction with colleagues is productive. Your ability to work in a group is enthusiastically accepted by those with whom you share assignments. You realize how much more can be achieved by pooling resources with others.

Your mood is above average today. They are very talkative, which makes you very popular and enables you to tell your partner exactly what he wants to hear. That’s why you should be very satisfied. But just in your love life you demand the impossible. They expect your darling to be submissive and strong, trusting and critical, tender, affectionate and wild. You should step back and engage in self-reflection, otherwise your relationship may become strained and suffer a heavy blow.

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