11th May 2019 Pisces Horoscope

Today is very promising for important new acquisitions. They have the right instinct for a good deal and are not easily intimidated. Your friends will give you honest advice if you need them. Invest excess cash profitably. Things will go smoothly and you will surely find the right offer.

Nothing will stay on course today, people will behave very unevenly and you will not be able to rely on anyone doing anything. Luckily you are in the midst of a major productivity crisis, so you will not need someone else’s help. Today is a good example of “if you want to do something right, you have to do it yourself,” and you’ll feel damned good if you’re able to handle a confusing task. You will be cool in a crisis.

Your partner will enchant you today with a particularly sweet kiss. You will quickly feel butterflies in your stomach and then your heart will be filled with love and romance again. Keep going and spend the whole evening together, maybe the night, maybe even the next day! Shared hours of tenderness and harmony are exactly what is important for your relationship at the moment. Therefore, enjoy tender and loving caresses.

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