Scorpio Horoscope 2nd April 2019

Your finances are not in good health right now. You just can not see the benefits that you achieve and make one mistake after another. Do not invest heavily – your financial advisors are likely to give you a bad deal. Stay with smaller expenses to limit possible damage.

A tempting offer will test your willpower today and promise you instant profits – but to get those rewards you must give up some long-term goals. Do you think it’s worth it? The stars say no. It is not in your best interests to give up all the progress you have made lately. So do the best to focus on what you know to be a more rewarding future. Imagine you live the life you want to live and enjoy the fruits of your work.

Things have changed for a long time and not everything has remained the same. Especially in relation to your love life, your partner and you do not connect as well as before. However, this is not a necessary development. Today is the perfect day to solve long-overdue issues and make a fresh start. Be brave and talk about your common wishes and ideas! You will see that the connection of your hearts is closer than you thought.

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