Scorpio Horoscope 1st April 2019

As far as finances are concerned, you may have some unpleasant experiences today and are forced to become aware of your own weaknesses. Be strong when others make you look at yourself in the mirror. This can be a positive learning experience. This will allow you to prepare for big projects. Avoid large investments for the present.

If one invitation conflicts with another, you can not have your ambitions determined by your ambitions. Loyalty should be what guides you. Remember, it’s worth spending time with all the people in your life, not just those who can offer you career opportunities. You may also consider saying “yes” for both – and splitting your time between events. This can be extra work for you, but this work can really pay off in the end.

In your relationship you are everywhere and nowhere. There have not been any real key points and your partner is more fascinated by the sky than you. So be honest with yourself and be open minded about what went wrong and where you both run out of steam! Try to tackle the root of the problem and work with your partner.

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