Scorpio Horoscope 13th April 2019

If your work is criticized especially hard. Immediately develop a comprehensive plan to improve your situation and get the job done. Do not be too cautious about your plans, make others aware of what you want to achieve, and get valuable tips and support from them.

The real sticking point for you today will be to understand people, not to enjoy them. They are now in harmony with everyone, creating harmony and fun. But much of what they do confuses you. Instead of trying to understand what motivates you, observe and accept them. They find their own way and learn from their mistakes. Step out of the picture and let things go their own way. Everyone will land on his feet.

In your relationship you are everywhere and nowhere. There have not been any real key points and your partner is more fascinated by the sky than you. So be honest with yourself and be open minded about what went wrong and where you both run out of steam! Try to tackle the root of the problem and work with your partner.

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