Sagittarius Horoscope 2nd April 2019

Everything you have missed on your desk can be edited and completed. There is also the unique opportunity to solve an open problem with a colleague and speak openly to them. Their constructive approach brings mutual support and cooperation between you and contributes to a much better working relationship.

The direct management of conflicts today is a smart strategy. You save time and headaches. Someone who has really messed up his weight thinks you have been intimidated to the point of complete obedience – and is not it amusing to show that person that you do not approve of being pushed around? Try not to escalate the tension by making it clear that you have your own mind. Be firm but polite.

Today you should treat yourself and your partner to something special. Go out! Spend the evening in a romantic restaurant or treat yourself to a romantic movie at home. No matter what, remember that your relationship can not afford to be together without those rare, loving hours. The shorter the time together, the more intense your feelings can be.

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