Sagittarius Horoscope 1st April 2019

Body and mind are especially balanced. They have the energy they need to implement long-awaited plans. Take the opportunity to build up new strength and build your stamina with some perseverance, so you are well prepared and ready to face all the challenges ahead.

 The direct management of conflicts today is a smart strategy. You save time and headaches. Someone who has really messed up his weight thinks you have been intimidated to the point of complete obedience – and is not it amusing to show that person that you do not approve of being pushed around? Try not to escalate the tension by making it clear that you have your own mind. Be firm but polite.

Harmony and happiness are the most important demands in your partnership. You feel safe and can therefore easily address your deepest desires to your partner. This not only improves your love life, but also strengthens the mutual trust between you. You should enjoy this time with such friendly behavior and perhaps revive long-forgotten erotic teasing.

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