Libra Horoscope 6th April 2019

The situation is bleak today if you want to succeed with money. You may receive bad offers and get involved in things that you might soon regret. Do not try to clean up the situation, because if success does not happen naturally, it’s useless to force it. Learn to limit the losses. The current constellation does not leave much room for maneuver.

Your changing moods and unhappiness with yourself becomes a burden on your relationship. Share your feelings with your partner. Only then can you understand and have the opportunity to process your moods positively. It would be ideal if both of you could find a solution on how best to survive this nasty time. Maybe you go somewhere to distract your mind. Maybe some physical exercise together to release some steam?

A relaxed approach suggests that relationships with your work colleagues are more complicated than you imagined, and that the situation was not as expected due to small errors. Lowering such exact standards avoids problems that ultimately lead to general improvements.

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