Libra Horoscope 16th April 2019

If you feel tired, you may need to go on vacation. Much of what motivates you came from frustration or some sort of antagonistic behavior. To counteract these feelings, you must make sure that you get enough rest. Restore your serenity and try to do some yoga, or take a break from the work schedule.

Sharing is about much more than just sacrificing something and giving it to someone! In fact, sharing is about connecting with other people and sharing an experience together. Leave a valuable property today and find out what it’s like to experience something different with another person. This is your chance to connect with someone and solidify a new relationship.

At the moment one should not forget that especially in a relationship nothing can be forced! Feelings are like a jumping ball and when they hit, sparks fly. Therefore, do not close your eyes to the real and avoid frustrations! Focus on your sweetheart and just tell him how much you love him

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