Libra Horoscope 12th April 2019

It’s important to remember that the body is not a machine that does not always behave the way you want it to. If you are feeling tired, patient and understanding that it is important to look after your body, you should relax in all your activities. Do not push too hard and your everyday life will be much easier.

Your circle of friends is probably changing, Libra, maybe too fast for your liking. Some friends may move away or other interests have led you to make new friends. Your life seems to be going well at the moment, but you might miss your old friends and have temporary nostalgia seizures. Focus on the future and go ahead.

You should avoid your partner today to avoid conflicts. But that’s not up to your partner, but to yourself! When you talk to each other, you rarely find the right tone, you are overly responsive and irritated for the least possible reason. Give your partner the chance to find a different opinion or compromise. Otherwise, the coming days are full of fights.

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