Leo Horoscope 8th April 2019

When you introduce physical activity, your positive feelings will improve as you build on your nuclear power and the rhythm of your routine reaches a certain balance. You feel fit and rested. When you recognize your vitality, others rely on your strength when a pressure situation occurs.

Even very attractive people sometimes have ugly personality mistakes – remember when you meet someone who seems too good to be true. Just because something glitters does not mean it’s gold! Some people use magic when they want to mask character weaknesses – the brighter they sparkle, the darker they are in it. Your intelligence will intimidate people like this, so do not be surprised if a charmer new to your social environment seems to be avoiding you.

Since you seem to be a bundle of energy with so many good feelings towards others, you are able to control your partner’s mood and cheer, distract, and excite you with your new ideas. You will be grateful for that and have a positive impact on the relationship. But be careful: Do not ask too much of your sweetheart, because if he or she does not always respond as you want, it can lead to disappointment and curvature on your part.

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