Cancer Horoscope 1st April 2019

Treat serious pain and discomfort, do not underestimate the way your body tries to focus attention on specific areas of stress. Use the learned powers, revitalize body and mind, repair the healthy balance you have been working for and always expected.

Remember that you (not your friends, not your family and not your sweetheart) are responsible for your social life. If you do not feel like going out, you do not have to go out. Contrary to what others say, this is the mature position. There are, however, two exceptions to this rule: birthday parties and work events. Make an appearance, be as hackneyed as possible and then home to relax as you really need. Stop your soul when it tells you to stay home.

The one sowing the seeds of rage will reap the storm. The same applies to relationships and, in this case, to your partnership. Again and again, they tend to make impossible demands on their lover, and become unnecessarily angry if he or she can not satisfy them. If you are having a fierce argument today, you should ask yourself if this is the way to go.

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