Aquarius Horoscope 19th April 2019

They are curious about how others approach tasks and find group activities that are more rewarding than their own individual ambitions. With the potential to become an important contact for your colleagues, you are heading in that direction and exercising some caution as you become indispensable.

Women will be a prominent force in your day. So listen to the gentler voices around you with more attention than usual. There is now a strong current of compassion and care that is going on in your life right now, and it only makes sense that this side of your personality needs to be promoted. Try to see the complexity of today’s things. Do not be paralyzed by details. Nothing is black and white at the moment. And even the shades of gray have different shades.

You have a very clear idea of ​​what your relationship should look like, what is not understood and what bothers you. Use it to express your needs. Fortunately, the stars have provided you with great sensitivity, so you should not have any problems if you confront your partner with your wishes. Be open to your needs.

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