Aquarius Horoscope 11th April 2019

Full of positive energy, the serenity you can show is obviously visible to all, indicating that body and mind are in perfect harmony. Encourage others to share their positive attitude and try to get them to join your regime for healthy sports activities or exercise routines. You think you are a good motivator.

You are an independent person and you are rightly proud of that. However, it is important to remember that you are both connected to people who have come before you and with future generations. You should try today to get in touch with older relatives. Instead of sending an e-mail, call. Or even better: join a meal, the more intimate, the better. Remember where you came from.

Your relationship will be completely harmonious now. You should enjoy this peaceful get-together that is not disturbed by anyone! There are gentle words and the little gestures that linger in your mind. There is the quiet, tender loving care that wields the spell of love on you and that impresses you every second and minute.

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