Virgo Horoscope 15th March 2019

Their finances go through a turbulent phase. They think that their decisions are always correct, but in reality this is not the case. It will soon turn out that your investment is not profitable at all. Do not blame others – withdraw your pride and accept that your withdrawal caused this misery.

There’s a lot of collaborative energy around you now, so it would be wise if you took advantage of it to do some of your most unpleasant errands. Get in touch with someone you like on a personal level and see if he wants to help you. With this good mood and the brilliant ideas of this person you can achieve a lot both. Combining power is always a great way to move faster and have fun.

You have a very loving partner, but your heart is currently playing only minor sounds and therefore you may not feel like you have something to do with your love life. Therefore, you should first accept your changed feelings and look for alternatives. Your wishes and ideas will return soon, and before you know it, you and your partner will be in your arms again.

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