Taurus Horoscope 26th March 2019

The job satisfaction that you experience is beneficial. You have found an inner strength that colleagues recognize as self-confidence and integrity, allowing them to complete their work plans. If your colleagues want help, you can give them some support, but do not let them benefit you.

Keep your passport in a safe place and suppress any wanderlust you feel today – it’s not a good time for big moves in your life. This includes both travel and philosophical walks. You need to stick to the acquaintance more than ever as it serves as the foundation for a bridge to better understand your life. Below the surface, things shift dramatically and you have to stick to a familiar sense of things to navigate through the potentially restless waters.

Her advice on financial matters is in high demand, especially for projects you are conducting with other companies. Share your knowledge freely with them, but do not reveal everything. It costs too much energy and you are too exhausted to pursue your own interests. Listen to what others have to say, because it would be a shame to pass on without getting something back.

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