Scorpio Horoscope 28th March 2019

Treat serious pain and discomfort, do not underestimate the way your body tries to focus attention on specific areas of stress. Use the learned powers, revitalize body and mind, repair the healthy balance you have been working for and always expected.

The feeling of being stuck in a dead end will come to you today, and it might feel like there’s no point in getting out of it at all. But before sluggishness sets in, check with friends for a quick chat. When you need inspiration, you know that one of them (if not all) provides the spark you need to add a little more interest to your day. Even if they just recommend a new song that you think you want, listen to it and see what happens.

The one sowing the seeds of rage will reap the storm. The same applies to relationships and, in this case, to your partnership. Again and again, they tend to make impossible demands on their lover, and become unnecessarily angry if he or she can not satisfy them. If you are having a fierce argument today, you should ask yourself if this is the way to go.

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