Pisces Horoscope 16th March 2019

As long as you know where your future plans are going, take a break to restore your energy. A short vacation helps to build up strength for each upcoming project. No matter if it’s a healthy weekend or a trip to your chosen beauty spot. It is important to relax so that you feel regenerated.

Not all illusions are wrong – sometimes they are just a preview of what is to come! It’s time to look at the glass of water as half full and make the choice to hope for the best. The conclusion of what will happen in the next few days is not yet known. So why not believe that everything is going well? Visualize the best case scenario. You will not be fooled – you will only set the stage for a very happy ending.

If you have a relationship, you should hold on to a dreamlike future! Because there is currently no way, it could be better. You feel safe and well and still feel very attracted to your partner. An ideal situation. Enjoy your shared dreams and the wonderful times that come for you both.

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