Libra Horoscope 29th March 2019

Instead of constantly demanding high performance, you can enjoy more peace and relaxation. If you feel frustrated in some way, it is difficult to train optimally. A break is well worth it and is an advantage. When you start training again, you will not find your exercise program difficult.

Sometimes you have to stick to your money, that will be proved today. There is nothing wrong with being generous, but your extravagant mind runs the risk of endangering your bank account! Cut out the unnecessary gifts for a while – and is it really necessary that you cancel the tab each time you drink a coffee? Have another person select the tab, and let others return your recent favors.

In your relationship, you are just staggering between heaven and hell. Your partner can not do anything, you just are not happy. Again and again, you create stress and scream. In terms of your love life, this behavior makes you unpredictable fun when it comes to something romantic in the bedroom. Maybe you should take a deep breath and do not make a big deal out of what’s going on! Close your eyes and imagine, it’s Sunday! You fall asleep, drink your coffee in bed and spend your time cuddling in bed until lunchtime.

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