Libra Horoscope 22nd March 2019

The increased awareness of your environment will make you respond to the many opportunities that arise for you to find romance. Any communication you receive is considered particularly important, you have no contacts or phone numbers and you will not lose any. If you notice the results of previous efforts, you remain open to offers.

Their social obligations are currently accumulating. You are a very popular person and therefore it is not surprising that you receive many invitations. You do not even have to explain to your partner that you can not miss these events. But just today would be a good day for you to keep your head close to his ear and whisper, “I look forward to seeing you later.”

If you find it difficult to relax and feel out of the way, relax for a while. It is no shame if you temporarily feel unwell. You do not have to prove anything, but try to find an acceptable middle ground for your activities. Do only what you feel comfortable protecting your body from unnecessary stress.

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