Libra Horoscope 20th March 2019

You never doubt your ability, even if you do not always have the right answer immediately. Problems you face are more complex and demanding than usual. It may be helpful to give up some of your usual methods to make room for alternative solutions. Accept to be inspired by others.

Things are easier than you make them, especially in your romantic life. Are you stuck to an impossible goal? Or are you not happy with how you deal with a particular situation? The frustration you feel is real, but it is not necessary. All you have to do is release your expectations – for yourself and for them. Accept the speed with which things move; Whether it’s too fast or too slow does not matter. It is what it is.

In your relationship you feel more and more that it gets boring. Both are mostly on their own, and most of the time you meet for a bit of chat just before bed, which in no way reduces the feeling of being lonely. The only thing that helps is: talk, talk, talk! If necessary, get rid of old problems, start over and discover long-forgotten attractions that once brought your partner and you together

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