Leo Horoscope 28th March 2019

If you go in the right direction, there seems to be nothing that you can not achieve. They show trust and integrity and people notice this. Your colleagues are surprised at how well you approach and successfully complete difficult projects. When this happens, try to curb your craving for self-knowledge.

 If powerful or charismatic people are critical of you now, just shake it off. Go on – and as far away from these people as possible. They are on a power trip and eagerly point their finger at other people instead of looking for an explanation. Do not be tempted to take on someone else’s responsibility. Concentrate on what you know is the right way and live your life accordingly.

They feel satisfied and take every opportunity to receive useful feedback from a partner on what exactly they feel about themselves. Whether you want to establish a long-term relationship or appreciate life, you choose the type of person you want to be with and decide how you feel about it.

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