Leo Horoscope 20th March 2019

Financial obligations can be problematic. The ideas that you put forward in the discussions are not effective and others want to support you. You could be confused and make loss-making investments. Trust in your own instincts because you know which equipment suits you best. It is always good to hear advice, but you should

Are you tired of having expectations? Follow your own wishes to escape the pressures now being put on your life. It’s time for you to take the proverbial bull by the horns and start saying no. Conflict is not your cup of tea, but in every life there is a time when you have to take a stand – and your time will come soon. If a problem occurs today, you will immediately see the clear solution. So follow through.

There are also changes in your relationship – the roles in your relationship could change or an external force could be the cause of some turbulence. Since you are not currently focused on an inner balance, you should be careful that you do not overreact to surprises in your life. You should concentrate on what you have and what you want, and then approach the whole with an inner peace.

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