Cancer Horoscope 29th March 2019

You have to face an inner strength test that is constantly being put under pressure by other people’s problems. You can even hurt your feelings or spice it up. Constructively respond to this difficult situation by seeing it as an opportunity to strengthen your own position and emerge from the dispute with more confidence.

Your new positive attitude could complicate your life more than you imagine. Does everything seem so wonderful and desirable that it has become difficult to choose only one thing? Well, you should know that you can have everything! Embrace the possibilities that are offered to you – try to use all possibilities as much as possible. Not everything will fly out, but that’s okay. You do not have to worry. Just enjoy it.

In your relationship you feel more and more that it gets boring. Both are basically on their own, and usually meet just before going to sleep for a little chat, which certainly does not reduce the feeling of loneliness. The only thing that helps is: talk, talk, talk! If necessary, get rid of old problems, start over and discover long-forgotten attractions that once brought your partner and you together.

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