Cancer Horoscope 27th March 2019

In your private life, you feel as if you are walking through a minefield – one wrong move and there will be an explosion. That will really put you to the test. Do not let others make you responsible for everything, sometimes they are to blame. Remember to be open to other issues if you want to solve problems. Balancing the two is a difficult but not impossible task.

If there has been a power struggle in your life, now is a good time to grab hold of the rope, lean in and make a good move. Chances are, that with a big score, everything will move to your side! You have underestimated your strength so others can convince you they have the upper hand. Today you should remember that the only person responsible for your goal is what you do and who you love.

There are also changes in your relationship – the roles in your relationship could change or an external force could be the cause of some turbulence. Since you are not currently focused on an inner balance, you should be careful that you do not overreact to surprises in your life. You should concentrate on what you have and what you want, and then approach the whole with an inner peace.

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