Aquarius Horoscope 28th March 2019

Both mind and body are in perfect harmony, you feel completely fit. Do not overdo your exercise program. What seems logical is not always your energy level. Too much strenuous training can lead to problems. So take control, be careful and exercise solid discipline. Things that have been difficult for you so far are much easier – for example, letting go of people who are not good for you. Today, you can effortlessly turn away from some insincere and unsightly people in your life and never look back, regardless of the consequences. When you negotiate with friends, do not try to predict how other people will react. Just focus on yourself and this other person. What other people think is not important at all. You will be in a happy position in your relationship, not just dreaming, but actually actively living. You see no limits. Requests are fulfilled and if you occasionally think of the never-ending story, you should be enchanted! Love is one of the most wonderful feelings, and you are fortunate to experience it more intensively than ever before. Enjoy the support of the stars

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