5 Celebrities Who Love Baseball’s Opening Day More Than You Do

Well, the biggest day of the year is upon us: the opening day of the MLB. Each team (except the Mariners and A’s) is tied for first place and has the magical dream of reaching the World Series.

And it’s not just ordinary people like you and me who are in baseball stadiums in the US and Canada to cheer on our favorite players, but also celebrities. Great celebrities. Big Hollywood celebrities in prime time. Here are 10 who have enjoyed the opening days in the past. Maybe you see her out there on Thursday?

Jennifer Lopez (image from twitter)

Jennifer has been to many opening days over the years, and this thoroughly stylish day comes from last season. Later in the game, she made her way to the stand to encourage her smaller half.

Emmy Rossum (image from twitter)
The Shameless star sang 2013 the national anthem in Citi Field. Probably a dream for the lifelong Mets fan.
Kate Upton (image from twitter)
Justin Verlander’s supermodel wife decided on the Tigers in 2016 – as you can clearly see on the “Opening Day” eye in the picture above. This is not the last time they would look pretty together before or during a baseball game.

Ben Affleck (image from twitter)

Boston’s biggest fan has visited Opening Day at Fenway Park many times. Of course, he was in 2005 after the first victory of the Red Sox World Series in 86 seasons. Although he looks a bit uncomfortable in this photo?
Spike Lee (image from google)
Spike is a constant figure on both Knicks and Yankees and enjoys trolling rival teams. The specific photo above is from 2014. I have no idea who the other three guys are on the left.

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