Virgo Horoscope 13th February 2019

Do not worry if you are not sure what you want in life. Join the club! Most people who claim to have found out their entire life are fooling themselves. You do not necessarily have to answer the question, “What do you want to do with your life?” The important thing is that you are open to everything – and ready to make every effort to make it possible, if possible.

Do not expect comfort from your family at the moment. The many little annoyances that you are confronted with do not make you feel better anyway. Take a positive, relaxed attitude. If you persist in your views, conflicts will escalate and your mistakes will not be forgiven so quickly. If you are ready to compromise, everything will be fine.

In all the activities you are involved in, both body and body need more relaxation than you allow. Listen to your body and do something good for your health. Pay more attention to the balance between activity, relaxation and enjoyment. A deep massage often works wonders.

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