Taurus Horoscope 14th February 2019

Today, you may feel strongly that something new is starting – but it may not be exactly what you hoped for. Keep your hopes high, but do not rely on anything – there is no sure thing. The renewal is in the air and you can easily get some of it to get your own thing going if you stay committed. No matter what idea or plan you’ve just played, more is possible now than ever before, so get together with your people and get things started.

The one sowing the seeds of rage will reap the storm. The same applies to relationships and, in this case, to your partnership. Again and again, they tend to make impossible demands on their lover, and become unnecessarily angry if he or she can not satisfy them. If you are having a fierce argument today, you should ask yourself if this is the way to go.

This is a bad day for a successful business. Avoid risky projects because your chances of winning are low. In the long run, you could suffer significant losses and regret today’s decisions. They tend to cheat on smaller transactions, so do not allow this.

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