Taurus Horoscope 11th February 2019

Trust can be very attractive to someone, but if a certain person’s boast makes you crazy now, try to be compassionate. Everyone else is aloof from this showman, so he needs you more than ever. Chances are that this bravado will mask a lack of confidence. Take this person’s experience as a warning and be grateful that you have no reason to deal with similar uncertainties.

In your relationship you feel more and more that it gets boring. Both are basically on their own, and usually meet just before going to sleep for a little chat, which certainly does not reduce the feeling of loneliness. The only thing that helps is: talk, talk, talk! If necessary, get rid of old problems, start over and discover long-forgotten attractions that once brought your partner and you together.

If you do not feel as bright as usual, do not be too strict with yourself. If your health is at risk, try not to overdo exercise. You may have reached the limit of your abilities. When you recognize this fact, think about your lifestyle as you can improve it and develop a healthier attitude.

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