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Heer Ranjha
This 1970 Punjabi movie was Khursheed Anwar’s musical venture. There have been so many films made in India and Pakistan about this folklore, but this is the best thing that has been done so far. According to Wikipedia, the film revolves around Heer, a girl who was born into a wealthy family, and Ranjha, the youngest of four brothers, whose journey leads from his own village to the village where the army lives. 
After his sister-in-law denied him and mocked him, he meets and falls in love with Heer after she has offered him work to look after his family’s livestock. Their jealous uncle Kaido, however, has other plans and will stop at nothing to make sure their marriage does not happen. When Army is later forced by her father to marry another man, Saida Khera, she enters a heartbroken heart. Ranjha recites Allah’s name and finally finds it and they are reunited. 
Her luck does not last long, as Ranjha is arrested by the local ruler, although he is soon released and may marry army. However, Heer’s jealous uncle Kaido poisoned her on her wedding day. When Ranjha heard her call his name, she realized that her uncle Kaido had killed her. At the climax of the film, Ranjha Kaido kills with his own walking stick, collapses and dies himself. The film is still used today for his songs such as “Sun Wanjli Di Mithri Taan Vey,” “O Wanjli Waalerya,” “Chan Mahi Aa Terai.” Pai Takni Aaan “and” Kadi Aa Mil Ranjhan Vey “by Noor Jahan.

Directed by Sharif Nayyar, “Naila” was based on a book by Razia Butt in which two men fall in love with the same woman named Naila. The woman’s lover sacrifices herself for the other. It was the first color film of Pakistan. The actors were Shamim Ara, Santosh, Darpan, Gulrukh, Ragni, A Shah, Farida and Nusrat Kardar. It was Agha Gul’s production with Inayat Hussain, who produced nine outstanding tracks.

These songs established Mala as a singer of Urdu films. The songs were written by Qateel Shifai, Tufail Hushiyarpuri and Himayat Ali. The famous cinematographer Nabi Ahmad stood behind the camera. Hussain’s best song collection was appreciated by music lovers in this movie. Shown on the beautiful Shamim Ara and sung by Mala, songs like “Gham-e-Dil-Ko In Ankhon Se Chalak Jana Bhi Aata Hai” are even popular today.

This movie was released on October 29, 1965. He is one of the biggest romantic and melodic films ever made in Pakistan. Shamim has received the award for Best Actress for this film. The other hit songs by Mala were “Door Weeraney May Ek Shama Hai Kab Se Roshan”, “Ab Thandi Aanhein Bhar Pagli”, “Mujhey Arzu Thi Ji’s Ki Woh Payam Aa Gaya Hai” and so on.

I saw this movie as a kid in 1956 because Khurshid Anwar sang great music and Noor Jahan. The film was also released in India. Noor Jahan’s voice had such magic and fascination that one simply feels attracted to its calming melodies. Stand in the mountains, where a man from the city falls in love with a girl until a vampire intends to destroy her love. Directed by Masood Parvez the movie was a great hit.

“Baji” is based on the frustration of a woman catching up with old age; a role played by Nayyar Sultana in an outstanding way. Directed by S Suleman, this delicate theme has been managed in a mature way. Salim Iqbal’s music for Noor Jahan’s “Ab Yahan Koi Nahi Koi Nahi Ayega” and “Dil Ke Afsane Nigahon Ki Zuban Tak Puhunche” and her duet with Farida Khanum “Sajjan Laagi Tori Lagan Mun Maa” are the trademarks of this film.

In this song, Noor Jahan gave her last appearance in movies that sat in the audience. The others in the audience were Sabiha Khanum, Tarana, Santosh Kumar, Yasmin, Laila, Ejaz, Habib, Waheed Murad, Nazar and Sultan Rahi. Zeba appeared as the romance of hero Darpan. Naseem Begum sang two thumri-oriented songs that were recorded on the gardener Aimi Minwala and show the feelings of Nayyar Sultana. These songs were “Chanda Tori Chandni Main Jiya Jala Jaaye Re”, which portrayed the feelings of Baji, and a similar effect was demonstrated by the song “Sanwariya Ne Haye Daiya Bara Dukh Denu”.

The film was doing an average business because people were not prepared to watch movies based on reputable genres. Saqib Malik has announced the revamp of this movie with some of the hottest names in our entertainment industry, including Osman Khalid Butt, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Ali Kazmi and Amna Ilyas. The remake will also play a starring role of Meera Irtaza.

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