Leo Horoscope 4th February 2019

Their social obligations are currently accumulating. You are a very popular person and therefore it is not surprising that you receive many invitations. You do not even have to explain to your partner that you can not miss these events. But just today would be a good day for you to keep your head close to his ear and whisper, “I look forward to seeing you later.”

Practice some humility at work, pursue yourself appropriately in search of success, always behave fairly and give restraint. In conversations, you tend to overreact with colleagues and supervisors. Be particularly careful, as you will endanger your future plans and prospects.

Do not waste your time buying things out of frustration – unless these are trivial conveniences that you can afford to enjoy and reject. Avoid large purchases or financial obligations unless they are absolutely necessary. If you then have to try to deal with them in a clear and thoughtful way that can not fight back.

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