Leo Horoscope 15th February 2019

Do not give up trying to be fit, even if you do not feel so good. Your health is the last thing you ignore, instead being patient, listening to your body and becoming aware of your weaknesses. Even if your body may be overworked, you will feel rejuvenated in a well-deserved rest and relaxation.

You would like to see everyone the way you want. But today you could avoid some difficulties if you simply ask your sweetheart what you want. Tell your partner that you need some attention. Maybe in the form of a massage. Or maybe it’s even the right way to take a bath together or go to the sauna. This is the best way to get new energy and do something good for yourself.

A sibling or neighbor can tell you something, Leo, while your intuition tells you the opposite. This is not a vengeful deception. The person is probably trying to save their feelings. Maybe it’s better not to challenge that person. Wait until you know more before calling up the topic. You do not want to cause a rift between you two.

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