Cancer Horoscope 15th February 2019

Do not expect comfort from your family at the moment. The many little annoyances that you are confronted with do not make you feel better anyway. Take a positive, relaxed attitude. If you persist in your views, conflicts will escalate and your mistakes will not be forgiven so quickly. If you are ready to compromise, everything will be fine.

Do not reject your loved one when he or she asks the dreaded question, “What’s wrong with you today?” your partner’s annoyance It’s no shame to put up with your bad temper and irritability. Of course you will be asked why. But having a person you trust and can talk to can be a gift.

Caring for a household member could plague you today, Cancer. This person could have left without telling anyone, or she seems annoyed. Your friend is probably fine, but rather dissatisfied with someone outside the household than with him. Let this person work out the way she thinks fit. Your guide will share with you in due course.

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