Cancer Horoscope 13th February 2019

It might really annoy you that rulers sometimes do not know what they are doing, but this is a fact of life. The sooner you deal with this sad truth, the happier you will be – especially today, when a certain stupid decision of a higher circle leads you to say something wrong. But the universe is warning you of insolence right now. Let it cool down a bit before creating a friction between you and an authority person.

Do not forget that good relationships always consist of compromises. In this regard, a little more sensitivity and consideration from your side is required. It’s not always easy: you should always try to free yourself from the air and avoid misunderstandings in the first place. Otherwise, it could come to a pretty violent dispute.

Not everything works the way you want in your private life. Friends and family have their own desires and goals and are not obligated to consider them. Although it is difficult, accept that some situations do not go according to plan. Try to change your perspective and understand others’ views. This is currently the best strategy.

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