Maya, Sheheryar Munawar, Mahira, Fawad Khan and Fariha: Parey Hut Love

The experienced commercial and filmmaker and director of music videos, Asim Raza, made his foray into the silver screen in 2016 with the acclaimed musical ‘Ho Mann Jahaan’. Known for his dapper and voguish treatment and directing after pausing for more than two years now, Asim Raza returns to the cinema with another contemporary movie entitled “Parey Hut Love”, written by Imran Aslam This time, however, more focused on romance and comedy and tells the journey of a commitment. phobic man expedition to find true love.

“Of all the stories I’ll ever tell, the coming of age would be part of it, because I feel we all evolve until we die. I grow up and everyone around me is. It’s a beautiful process, and that’s why I do not want to just witness it and speak out, “says Raza. “Besides that, ‘Parey Hut Love’ is not only that, it’s also a love story, and since Imran Aslam wrote it, it must obviously be a comedy of fallacies, and I’m just happy to have such a story working with. “

Although we know that there is something constant in Raza’s films with “Parey Hut Love,” he promises to be lighter in function.

“When Ho Mann Jahaan came out, I was overwhelmed by how well people had responded, but there was also a part of the audience who asked for something more carefree. So I said to myself, why not?

 “When” Ho Man Jahaan “came out, I was overwhelmed by how well people had responded, but there was also a part of the audience that asked for more heartthrob,” he recalls. “And I said, why not? I will do another “Ho Man Jahaan”, which is very intense, but I also want to tell more stories that appeal to more people. And I also had the feeling that the beautiful, sweet romance had just disappeared when the last romance that I remember was “Chooriyaan”!

Playing Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munawar in titular roles also meant Raza’s second attempt to use the latter as a male lead role. Munawar, who also leads the project under the banner of Vision Factory Films, is exclusively dedicated to directing feature films in comparison to commercial ads. Casting involves more than just selecting favorites. In subtext, the actor “Saat Din Mohabbat In” is the hero’s first choice, but more concerned with the fact that the cinema has to be kept afloat, Raza chose the next shoulder to hold on to ,

“Sheheryar and I together found the Vision Factory Films and agreed to have him as executive producer on this show. I’m honoring him for making “Parey Hut Love” for me because I’m very busy with commercials and I never have the time to do it myself, “Raza said.

” In Pakistan, an independent producer unfortunately has everything There are no companies that do it for you, well, in Pakistan movies are a metallurgical industry where I do everything I can do with my family and do not have to worry about who gets what That’s why Sheheryar is a family to me, and to be honest, as a producer, he chose me as a director, I did not choose him, “he chuckled.

After the cinema has worked together on filmmaking after a few turbulent decades, one wonders how Raza is now looking at the landscape after being released and shooting another feature that fights at the box office Shaan Shahid’s “Zarrar” , Humayun Saeed’s “Love You Jatta” and Hareem Farooq’s “Army Maan Ja”.

“The film landscape has not evolved, if anything, it has evolved and I do not know if it is going in the right direction,” he replied to the current atmosphere.

“When we started filming again, the beauty of the movie theater was that everyone who came took it as a passion project and told stories that mattered to them, and so there was for every movie that was released , a flavor novel. “Well, I feel like there is some pressure among these investors to put everyone involved on the platform of a formula, so there is no substance, no core, no soul, and there is only one There is a rat race when you bring in numbers, even if it means cutting others, and it is too early to design a project that requires the killing of other people – I speak from my own experience and it is just sad, how vicious it gets. “

The film is currently in the post-production phase and is expected to be released this year on Eidul Azha. He will record an ensemble star with Ahmad Ali Butt and Zara Noor Abbas as supporting characters, while big names such as Mahira Khan, Fawad Khan and Cybil Chowdhry are featured in guest appearances including Frieha Altaf, Sonya Jehan and Jimmy Khan.

The soundtrack composed by Azaan Sami Khan will also feature an interesting mix of singers, including Hadiqa Kiani. According to Raza, the audience should expect only a happy, positive film from an outstanding team that will hopefully be entertaining and meaningful.

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