June 27, 2017

Mehndi The Sign Of Beauty, In All Over The World

Mehndi is consider the sign of beauty have been the golden words for everyone. Everyone have its own attitude to understand the fashion & beauty is also consider the Fashion & new looks or amazing quality of anything that inspire by their look.
Mehndi is known as traditional henna fashion that help the girls to look more beautiful. It is important in every type of fashion that it is taken as appreciable.

Now a days mehndi trend in fashion field is becoming more famous in Pakistan & all over the world too. There is new trend in mehndi fashion that is called tattoos which are very famous & attractive addition in traditional fashion of mehndi.
Now people are introducing more & more new trends in every fashion field that’s why the mehndi art fashion is also demanding more quality & more new stuff that could attract the people.
Pakistani mehndi designs are very famous in all over the world. Pakistan have its own beautiful mehndi tradition which is different from all other countries traditions.

There are different traditions in the different parts of world but some of tradition globally famous like Pakistani & Indian mehndi designs.
Some people always love new style of mehndi & want more new designs but in the other hand some of people think that new generation never know about our past traditional old mehndi designs if they follow the theory of always new trends that’s why mehndi’s old traditional are also very popular.

Arab Countries Mehndi Tradition:
In the Arab countries, mehndi art is loving fashion of all age group women. Arab traditional designs are famous in Pakistan as well. In past years girls only paste the mehndi designs on their hands but now time has been changed & girls love to create the designs on their full arms.

Oman, worlds famous state, is most stable & developed Arab state. Omani girls also love to make mehndi tattoos & designs on their hands. In fast growing of fashion world, Omani girls are not behind the world, they love to create their own beautiful mehndi designs.

Muscat, the capital of Oman, is famous for royal palaces. Girls of Muscat, love to mehndi tradition too. There are many of Arab mehndi designs & styles available in the city of Muscat which help the girls to maintain mehndi tradition as well as it is part of fashion.

Behrain, is famous for Sea. Girls of Behrain also love mehndi designs & lovely tattoos.
Egypt mehndi designs are most famous in art of mehndi. Egypt new bridal mehndi designs are becoming famous in the world & in Pakistan as well that is creating the amazing beauty impact on people.

Egypt is also famous due to its old traditions & culture that maintain in outstanding way.
All Arab countries like Shaam, Mauritania, Saudi Arab & Qatar are the countries that are producing high quality mehndi designs so that thing has been proven that mehndi designs fashion is a famous world wide fashion that’s why many of fashion designers are working now for the more new trends in mehndi art. Most important thing is that mehndi art is becoming a large business just as boutique & other fashion fields.

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