July 6, 2017

Health Benefits Of Vitamins (Vitamin C)

Vitamins are substances that your body needs to grow. A Vitamin is an organic compound & a vital nutrient that body requires.
There are 13 vitamins that are essential to the normal functioning of the human body.


Vitamin C is an essential nutrients found mainly in citrus fruits & leafy vegetables. The body requires Vitamin C to form & maintain bones, blood vessels & healthy skin. It may help treat some diseases. Vitamin C is a water soluble Vitamin that body doesn’t store it. Vitamin C is a potent reducing agent that readily donates electrons to recipient molecules.


Eating proper quantity of Vitamin C in your diet might improve physical performance & muscle strength. Taking Vitamin C supplements can improve oxygen intake during exercises & it can reduce blood pressure.
Before heavy physical exercise, use Vitamin C food that can prevent upper respiratory infections. Vitamin C can also improve the function of lungs & airways.
Vitamin C doses of 1,000 to 2,000 mg per day may reduce the production of histamines which contributes to inflammation in asthmatic people & help to improve asthma symptoms.
Take proper amount of Vitamin C fruits & vegetables can prevent risk of stroke.

A high dose of Vitamin C can enhance the cancer fighting effect of drugs used in chemotherapy. Vitamin C can be a safe & cost effective cancer remedy & treatment for ovarian & lung cancer as well.
Vitamin C is beneficial for those people whose immune system has been weekened due to stress. A sufficient intake of Vitamin C can serve as an ideal tool for one’s overall health.

Vitamin c plays an important role in body’s ability to fight off colds & viruses. Taking Vitamin C for colds & flu can reduce the risk of developing further complications like lung infections & pneumonia.
Vitamin C is best antioxidant that can protect against damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals as well as toxic chemicals & pollutants like cigarette smoke.
Free radicals can build up in the body & contribute to the development of health conditions such as cancer, heart diseases & arthritis.

Vitamin C is associated with lowering the risk of gout. Taking 1,500 mg of Vitamin C per day can almost half the risk of getting gout.
Higher amount of Vitamin C intakes can lower wrinkled appearance, dryness of the skin & can help to naturally slow aging. Vitamin C is used to form an important protein used to make skin, tendons, ligaments & blood vessels. It helps to heal wounds. Vitamin C skin cream can decrease the amount & duration of skin redness following cosmetic skin procedures like wrinkle or scar removal.
So, Vitamin C is very beneficial for overall health.



Mango: 1 cup: 45.7mg
Cauliflower: 1 cup raw: 46.4mg
Peas: 1 cup raw: 58mg
Grapefruit: 1 cup: 71.8mg
Brussels sprouts: 1 cup raw: 74.8mg
Pineapple: 1 cup fresh: 78.9mg
Parsley: 1 cup fresh: 79.8mg
Kale: 1 cup raw: 80mg
Broccoli: 1 cup raw: 81.2mg
Papaya: 1 cup in pieces: 86.5mg
Strawberries: 1 cup: 89.4mg
Orange: 1 large: 82mg
Green peppers: 1 cup chopped raw: 120mg
Kiwi: 1 piece: 164mg
Red pepper: 1cup: 190mg
Black Currant: 1 cup: 203mg
Guava: 1 fruit: 377mg
Consume 2-3 of these Vitamin C foods sources daily; this will help you maintain optimal levels of Vitamin C. Many of these foods are considered healing diet due to their high antioxidant content & many health benefits.

The Recommended Dietary Allowance for Vitamins reflects how much of each Vitamin most people should get each day:
0_6 Months: 40mg/day
7_12 Months: 50mg/day
1_3 Years: 15mg/day
4_8 Years: 25mg/day
9_13 Years: 45mg/day
Girls: 14_18 Years: 65mg/day
Pregnant teens: 80mg/day
Breastfeeding teens: 115mg/day
Boys: 14_18 Years: 75mg/day
Men: age 19 Years & older: 90mg/day
Women: age 19 Years & older: 75mg/day
Pregnant Women: 85mg/day
Breastfeeding women: 120mg/day
Smokers should increase their daily amount of Vitamin C by 35mg.


A deficiency in Vitamin C shows itself in several common ways in the body. A severe Vitamin C deficiency will result in scurvy, a disease resulting from the breakdown of collagen. Scurvy disease will make you fell fatigued & lethargic. It affects bones & muscles strength & it stifles the immune system.

Only a very small amount of Vitamin C is needed to prevent that dangerous disease. It is very important to understand that less noticeable signs of Vitamin C are still very serious.
Vitamin C deficiency may cause of many health problems that can get much worse over time & may lead to some serious health issues such as:
* High blood pressure
* Stroke
* Gallbladder disease
* Certain cancers
* Atherosclerosis
* Slow wound healing
* Easy bruising
* Dry & splitting hair
* Bleeding gums
* Swollen gums
* Inflammation of the gums
* Rough, dry & scaly skin
* Dry red spots on the skin
* Nosebleeds
* Weight gain because of slowed metabolism
* Digestive disorders
* Painful & swollen joints.

To get the most nutrition & Vitamin C from fruits & vegetables, important thing is to follow that eat real foods that are uncooked & raw. Eat fruits & vegetables soon after cutting them up. Eat steamed fruits & vegetables instead boiled.
Eating organic, raw fresh foods is the best source of nutrition because food in its natural state will provide the body with the most abundant source of nutrition.

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