June 14, 2017

Ghana Oscar 2018

The Foreign Language Oscar Committee in Ghana will be showing films to be submitted to the 2018 committee. Oscar consideration will also have the privilege of getting festival distributions all over the world.

Photo by modernghana

A committee member, Leila Djansi, who made the Saturday announcement at the one-day Oscars workshop in Accra, said the move would help Ghanaian filmmakers connect with other filmmakers around the world, pushing their productions out there, While they also make a good money.

“At least a good money to earn and then you can go ahead … if you win an Oscar for Ghana … that is exciting to me,” said Leila.

The Saturday workshop was to educate film stakeholders about the processes of filing films to the Oscars. It was attended by a number of Ghanaian film crews, including actors, directors and producers. The dedicated presented 90 rules to help stakeholders submit their films.

The basic principle of the foreign language Oscar category is that the film must be in a Ghanaian language, the technical specifications are downplayed and the true essence of Ghana is captured and world football standards are met.

According to the guidelines of the Academy, the committee is commissioned to select a film from open submissions to be the official film from Ghana at the prizes. The rest of the films would be directed by Filmfestival, after Leila, to help local filmmakers to attract international audiences.

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